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About Us

Our Vision is that all young people have good mental health most of the time and have the support and relationships that help them recover quickly when they experience mental health challenges.

But we don’t just support young people. We understand that caring for a child or young person who is having emotional or mental health difficulties is one of the most difficult things anyone does, so we support parents and carers too.

Through us, young people, parents and carers get access to attend workshops, counselling, groups, telephone support and mentoring, as well as peer support.

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Create team with money raised

If you book with us, not only are you booking a memorable event with us in our beautiful barn, but you’re making a difference to young people and their families.

All the profits from The Northorpe Barn go to Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust, who support young people and their families through mental health problems.

Pictured above are children from our Create group. The Create group is for young people with learning difficulties. Young people decide a programme of activities together and the friendly workers help get everything organised and make sure everyone has fun. Activities have included sensory science, arts & crafts and forest school. It has emphasis on supporting young people to build positive peer relationships. Find out more here.

Donations are critical

Donate £10
Donating £10 provides a safe space for children and young people to connect and be part of creating solutions together for mental wellbeing and resilience.

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Donate £15
Donating £15 funds training and support for our Family Wellbeing Volunteers offering much needed support to families who are experiencing challenges with mental health concerns.

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Donate £20
Donating £20 provides access to telephone, face-to-face and online interventions and support which help build coping skills, resilience and emotional wellbeing.

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Donate £25
Donating £25 helps a child or young person to access a Counselling or therapy session

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Make Northorpe Hall Your Charity Of The Year

Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust is a West Yorkshire based charity, supporting over 8000 children and young people annually, who are experiencing disadvantage or difficulty due to mental health challenges.

We would love for you to make us your Charity of the Year in 2023 (or Charity of Choice every year! )

Too many children, young people and families are struggling with mental health issues and choosing us to benefit from all your fundraising efforts, over a year or longer, means that we can help more and set them on the road to recovery faster.

If you are interested, please do get in touch

Donate As A Business

Is your business looking for a new charity partner? Could you commit to raising £100 or even £1000 to help children, young people and their families’? Contact us

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